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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shiva Days and the butterfly

We have finished two days of shivas.  What an amazing two days.  Once again, the people that showed up just blew me away with the love and support they showered on the kids and me.  I am so touched.  Several people brought their kids and how it just was so beautiful for my kids who had expressed some concern about telling their friends and how will they tell them and what will they say.  Now they are at ease with that.

One thing that I heard today that I wanted to share.  My friend said she was sitting outside the chapel.  Apparently a beautiful rather large and spectacular butterfly was hovering.  At the point that I began to speak, the butterfly landed on a spot just in front of one of the tv monitors, as if watching it.  Just when I finished speaking, it fluttered away.  I sadly did not see the butterfly but I knew I had Eddie's energy flowing through me that whole day.  Now I truly feel he was not so far away, again.

Thank you for all of you who have helped get us through these first two days of Shiva.

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