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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hearing from all of you perks me up.  Good day today.  Working on getting energy back.
All my love, eddie

I (Lorin) took the kids to camp drop off this morning.  Dylan especially had a hard time last night and this morning at leaving but from what I can tell from the pictures so far, she is good.  Tonight I sure feel for her counselor as it has not been the easiest of times for her lately but hopefully she can hold it all together!  Matthew seemed off and running and after all, he has "woofie" with him!  We had a restful day today for the most part and we are excited to think about eating again!!!  lordy....

Have a great rest of the sunday and if anyone is around at 930-10 this week give Reuben a call to see if Eddie is available.. lowfat cap and muffin is always welcome!!  Reuben is at 1-323-424-2190

much love to all....

keep those fun comments coming - Tim, you are winning for now...


  1. hey eddie - (and lorin)
    i am looking forward to our visit this week - will definitely bring you the cap and scone - maybe a few other treats...i have been doing some misberach's for you my sweet!!!!
    all my love

  2. Eddie, So glad you are home. Wish Eddie and I were there so we could bring you a cap and muffin. Guess you will have to partake without us. I know you miss the kids but you and Lorin have to be enjoying some quiet time together. Keep working on building up your energy. Love to you and Lorin, Lynny and Eddie

  3. Munakash and Sloane Families sending lots of love from kauai! Glad you're home and looking good. Aloha!!! Jason

  4. Eddie, so glad you are home and getting your energy back. Looking forward to seeing both of you this week. I will call/text to set up a time to come by. Sending my love. Darlene

  5. Hi Eddie (Edward)
    I love you so much. I'm glad to hear you are bcak home. Sheri has been keeping me posted about you. I would love to come and see you sometime if that would be okay.

    I have great memories of you and my mom being so close. You are very important to me.

    I love you,

  6. Hey Eddie, I am back from the east coast and looking forward to seeing you later this week. I thought I would share a quick story.

    The flight back was a long one, but did not seem as long as 3 minutes in the airplane bathroom changing my son's diaper. Where to start? Changing my daughter's diaper back in the day was like synchornized swimming - she cooperated with every move. Changing my son's is more along the lines of the UFC. After finally pinning him down on the changing table using all my strength, he manages to get a hand free and reaches the tissue box and starts ripping them out one by one. It is quickly snowing tissues. I get that hand under control whiletrying not to drop him off the changing table and he gets the other hand free and grabs the soap dispenser, rips it off the suction cup, and throws it off the wall. I decide the laying down thing isn't working and stand him up to change the diaper. He jumps up and hits his head onthe ceiling, he's screaming mad now. After we are done, I make the mistake of trying to wash his hands and he manages to get his feet in the sink and the whole bathroom and me are covered in water in no time.

    My favorite part of the whole event is that my daughter used the bathroom right after us and came back to the seat to say that the bathroom was disgusting. I said "Thank your brother." She was hysterical laughing. If I had this diaper change taped, it would go viral.

    Always thinking of you -

    Your bud - Frank Stephan

  7. Ok bud, heard my last story got a chuckle so here is another about my son. However, any future stories may have to be in person because I suspect that Tim and Dee monitor stories like these and flag kids as future trouble makers, so I need to have my son's back.

    While on the east coast, we had the pleasure of attending a big birthday celebration for my mother-in-law. Real nice - fancy, everyone was dressed up, the food was wonderful and there was plenty of dancing and wine. There was a sit down dinner portion and my Mom voluteered to sit next to my son and feed him. I have to be honest, I had reservations going in to it since my son has a new unusual way off telling us he doesn't like his food. Well after 4 bites, he took the 5th bite out of his mouth and threw it off my Mom's forehead. Before she could say anything, he grabbed one off the table and threw it in her hair. As nuturing and gentle as my Mom can be, she is a strong Italian woman who raised three boys, so she looks at my son and says "Are you kidding me?" He looked down at the table and then glance up at me. I could only offer "you're on your own on this one bud."

    So my friend, I ask you for advice. For the next 10 minutes while my mom was in the bathroom picking food out of her hair, I was thinking. Could part of the problem be me? Could I be sending a mixed message? He loves to play ball, and has a great arm, but loves to throw just about anything. So, when at home, even if he throws a matchbox car off my forehead, as a proud Dad, I first give him a HIGH FIVE and say GOOD THROW, and then I try to talk to him about why he should not do that. His poor sister is condsidering wearing a bike helmet around the house.

    See you soon,

    Your bud - Frank

    All our love - The Stephans

  8. Hi Ed.

    It was great seeing you at Adnan's. We'll have to do that again soon. Stay strong. Steve Chlavin