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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lorin's brothers' (official) eulogy

“Hey Buddy Boy” ……..that greeting with a BIG Eddie Michaels patented smile and hug is the way each of us were always greeted whenever we saw our brother in law. If you were blindfolded and 50 people hugged us, we all would be able to pick out which of them was Eddie’s.   And we all know about that simple sweet, beautiful smile.  

The first extended meeting with all of us was Thanksgiving 2002 when Lorin and Eddie were still dating.  The Texas versus Texas A&M football game the day after Thanksgiving is a football game we Goldmans rarely missed.  Our  Texas Longhorns played our biggest rival, Texas A&M in College Station. We told Eddie that we were getting up at 5am to drive down and drive back to Fort Worth after the game which meant that we wouldn’t be home until close to midnight. When asked if he wanted to join us, without hesitation, Eddie said he was in. So without Lorin joining in the fun, having just met us, he awoke early that morning, threw on the burnt orange shirt and joined us for a spectacular day of brotherhood and football and casseroles and steaks.  It was that day we knew he was “in” with us and we had another brother in the family.  

Another bond we all shared with Eddie was a love for Bruce Springsteen. While we had his albums and gone to a few of his concerts prior to knowing Eddie, Eddie’s passion for the Boss’ music,  lyrics and concerts were contagious.  Through Eddie, we all had a newly found passion and understanding of what Bruce was all about.  Because of Eddie’s influence,  we will never be able to listen to Bruce ever again without thinking of Eddie.  

I also had the great pleasure to work some “gigs” as he and I called them. From Cannes to New York to LA and a few places in between, I watched him in action as one of the best and most respected in his industry. In room after room with top network executives, actors and actresses, I would sit and watch other publicists go “Hollywood” as I called it. But what I witnessed over and over again, and what Eddie’s reputation will forever be in this town, is that calm voice of reason.  He had a way in which few people have of taking it all in and controlling a room, no matter who was in there.   Eddie Michaels did what he thought was in the best interests of his clients.  Always. 

He was a beautiful man with the heart of gold. His goal was to always do all he could to make others happy.  We have a new poster boy for the saying, “only the good die young”.  He loved this city of Los Angeles, he loved his Lakers and the Dodgers, he loved the line of work that he was in, he loved his friends and most of all, he loved his family.

Lorin, your courage, stoicism and strength over the past seven years is beyond words.  Eddie was comforted knowing he had you by his side throughout the entire battle.  We are so proud to call you our big sister.

Many of us hope to live a life on this earth that leaves a legacy.  We will carry the spirit of Eddie Michaels for the rest of our lives.  We will honor his life and cherish his memory.  Dylan and Mathew, you may not understand what the word legacy means today but you will as you get older.  May you both and may we all honor your father and his legacy by living our own lives from this day forward a little more like he lived his.  

Edward, on behalf of all of the Goldman’s. We love you, we miss you and we will never forget you.

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