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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marc's (one of Lorin's brothers) eulogy

It is an honor for me to speak in front of you all today.  Looking
around this sanctuary, everyone can feel the tremendous love
and admiration we all had for Eddie.  He fought like a champion but
ultimately faced an unwinnable battle which is so difficult to take
and understand.  But his fight, courage and gracious attitude will
never be forgotten.  Thank every one of you for being here to say
goodbye and cherish the memory of a fantastic, humble and, most of
all, sweet son, brother, friend, husband and father.

I assume some of you here had a similar experience in that I owe my
relatively newfound obsession with Bruce Springsteen 100% to Eddie.
It will be impossible to listen to another song by The Boss without
thinking of Eddie
and our conversations about the music.   A few years ago, not long
after his diagnosis, Eddie was the guest DJ on the Sirius radio
channel of Springsteen called E Street Radio.  Along with an amazing
tribute to the love of his life by playing Two Hearts, Eddie displayed
a unique message by playing Countin on a Miracle.

" Im Countin on a Miracle,
Baby I'm Countin on a Miracle,
Darlin I'm Countin on a
To Come Through" says the song.

As Eddie was, I am an eternal
optimist and expected that miracle up until the bitter end.  I won't
try to understand why our prayers were not answered, but I will always cherish his memory
through the things in life that Eddie taught me.  The value of Springsteen's lyrics being one.

More important than that, he taught me how to try to understand people
and their feelings a little better.  In particular, I will never
forget a 20-30 minute discussion we had in my car in Fort Worth, TX
where he helped me understand the need to better think through certain
people's personalities.  Work with who they are to understand them,
and through that we can all have a little less drama and more peace in
our lives and relationships.

Eddie displayed who he was by simply smiling.  That smile.  That
simple sweet, beautiful smile.  It showed his grace in life and his
steadfast belief in putting others first.  He smiled to make others
happy since it was one of those special smiles which had the ability
to do just that.    He was a beautiful man with the heart of gold, his
goal only to do all he could to make others
happy.  We have a new poster boy for the saying, only the good die

Lorin, your courage, stoicism and strength over the past seven years
is beyond words.  I am so proud.  And so thankful Eddie had you by his
side throughout the entire battle.  You are truly something else.

Dylan and Matthew, the past nine and seven years you had with your
father were so meaningful.  He loved you so much and will always
look after you, guiding you in the path of life. Cherish his
memories you shared and always remember how fortunate you are to have
had the Father in Eddie Michaels.  I love you.

In closing, I was lucky to have had the ten years i had Eddie Michaels in my life.  I will always hold tight to that fact.  The memories we all have with him should be told and retold in the hopes that more of us can be like Eddie Michaels.  He was one of the few who led by example without the need for a loud voice.  I will always remember
that and carry it with me throughout my life.  Lead by example, not through words.

Eddie, you left us too soon.  Way too soon.  As you will from the
heavens above, we will look after your family and all carry you with
us the rest of our days and nights.  We will forever cherish your
memory.  And we will miss you.   As my Grandfather always told me,
"Tsi Gesunt Eddie, until we meet again".

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