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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The days go by and we all go about the days we did before... camp, shopping for school supplies, talks with friends.  The only exception is my not going to work but that isnt so so missed at the moment.  Planning a trip, organizing it.  Then the night comes.  It is so quiet.  It's the time Eddie and I would come upstairs, get in bed, figure out what we wanted to watch together, laugh, discuss the craziness of the show if relevant and hold hands some.  Kiss each other goodnight and he would doze off... snoring of course.. loudly.  How I miss those cheeks to kiss, that hand to hold and the sweet Love You at the end of my day.  Just a few little gestures that meant so so much.  Night is hard.

Kiss your spouse/significant other tonight.. hug him/her a bit longer and tighter and think of Eddie.  He loved his good night kisses and so did I.

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