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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Great day!

Eddie had a great day visiting with friends and watching the Dodgers!  We ate too much great food!  Reuben and Kelvin are with us through the weekend which is quite unreal as they have not had a day off with the 12 hour shifts.  We are so grateful.

The kids are leaving for a week of camp.  We will miss them but will enjoy some alone time at the same time.

For any of you wanting to visit, Eddie would love his medium lowfat cap and rasberry scone from Peets this week.  Remember to let know if you can but as always, always, there is no pressure.  Also, it doesn't require a long visit.  Sometimes, less is more for him these days.

Eddie is liking my blog but said he would actually like to see and read some posts so please feel free to post any good wishes to him through this.

Most of all, we are so appreciative of the well wishes and support and love shown our family.
Thank you all!!!


  1. Hi Eddie,
    Wanted to get the conversation started online to encourage friends and family blogging their best wishes. Love that Lorin is keeping us abreast of your developments. You two are pillars of strength and we all love you! Will be sure to bring your Peets order the next time I visit. I may need a raspberry scone for myself, they sound yummy!
    Love you lots!!!
    Lisa (& Brad)

  2. Hi Eddie and Lorin,

    Thank you for including us in this blog and sharing your journey. Thank you to Rueben and Kelvin - pure angels. Enjoy your time alone - cherish it all.

    Sending love,

    Nancy and Steve Lovett

  3. Hi Bud,

    Enjoyed watching the Dodger game with you last Friday. Thanks for getting me out of work. (Wait a minute. Does Dee have access to this blog?)

    Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday ... although I'm having a bit of trouble. Lorin nixed the "keg" idea ... and Milburn is complaining about us watching his high school "highlight" film ... something about "agents" and "contracts"? Whatever. I'll see what I can do.

    I tried to post a picture but I was unable to ... a little help from the IT Department, please? I've got some good pix ... let's ease up on the parental restrictions, Lorin?

    Thoughts and prayers from the Kusserow household.


  4. Hello to you all,

    Just spoke with Aileen who had a lovely visit with you today.
    Nice to hear that Eddie is home from the hospital. We would love to drop by and say a quick hello. We will get in touch with Nancy
    to coordinate the best time this week......and see what we can bring.

    Lots of love,
    Marcie and Donnie