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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another butterfly

I put a call in to KC Miller a few days ago.  She is the Community Development person at Cedars.  Eddie and I were so focused from the start of all of this to raise money as much as we could for The Neurological Institute there.  We felt so fortunate that we had the resources there.  Eddie and I always met with her together.
KC called me back and I stepped out front to talk to her.  Our front garden has been a comfort to me these days with its greenery and quiet.  Just as I sat down to talk to her, one of the largest butterflies I have ever ever seen flew down and rested on the ficus tree leaf directly opposite me.  It was black and white, just like the one Edith had told me she had seen a few days earlier.  It stayed there a long time.  I had to get up and walk Matthew outside the gate to go with a friend a few minutes later and when I came back it was gone.  Eddie always wanted to help the Institute and did with their gala.  I feel sure he wanted to be a part of that conversation I had in his own small way.

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