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Thursday, August 8, 2013

2 steps forward one step back

Eddie is back at cedars. He had been complaining about his Achilles hurting him this afternoon. As the evening wore on it got worse and got to the point that he could not put any pressure on it or have anyone touch it.  The dr suggested we bring him in to check it because there was a lot of redness and it was swollen.  Another ride in the ambulance with no lights or sirens.

ER ruled out a blood clot and said it is cellulitis (infection). Because his immune system is so weak he needs to be on antibiotic through IV.  So we will be here for a few days.  Tomorrow am I have a friend coming as I must be somewhere for a few hours but visitors later might be possible.

Check with nancy still -

Will keep you posted. Hugs


  1. So sorry to hear this after just seeing him doing so well at lunch. Grateful for the time I got to spend with both of you yesterday. I can be at the hospital if needed.xo

  2. Sending love and hugs from Atlanta. We so loved spending time with you all over the weekend. Thanks for updating the blog, I especially love the sanctuary photo. Much love, Jill and Kevin