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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Hawaii and the Snake

The kids and I arrived in Hawaii today.  They could not leave me fast enough to get to the water slides, the pool and the lazy river.  I went looking for the shady chair.... Just one.  For me.    It's these little things that I don't foresee hitting me that really get me.  I never imagined what it could feel like walking around a pool surrounded by couples with and without kids sitting nearby, looking for one lone chair....and then sitting there realizing he is not upstairs resting or home doing work for some event or around the corner on some work phone call.  He must isn't.

Tonight marked the premier of one of the projects most dear to eddie's heart - Snake and Mongoose.  Eddie believed in this project from the very beginning and was more involved than mere promotion.  He adored the producer and then sought Noah Wyle to join the cast.  Tonight, for the first time in 20 years, Noah walked a press line without having Eddie at least a phone call away (and guaranteed if Eddie wasn't ever with him, they definitely spoke before and after that walk by Noah).  My heart breaks for Noah tonight and for our good friend Robin who so saw Eddie as a significant part of this movie.  I only hope that in some way, Eddie was theref watching them all and will lure all of you and others to see the movie for him.  It really was a special one to him.  It's the one thing I wish he had been able to do.

Mahalo to you all.

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