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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Day...More Eating

Well, the food is just way too good and the amount of time I am able to exercise is way too short.  I remember why I work now... too much sitting around makes me too tired!  Actually, its been pretty great time with Eddie and all of our friends who come by to bring food or share a meal with us.  You are all wonderful and we are so so appreciative.  Every day when Edith has asked this week "what are we doing for dinner?" its been so nice to say, "nothing, it will show up shortly".  And I especially love being able to say that to Eddie for his lunches!!!  How I underestimated the value of one less thing to plan!

We did have to make a little trip to the imaging center today to check Eddie's right leg which was hurting him the past couple of days.  Turns out the right is fine but the left has a little blood clot in it.  They are not concerned because it is below the knee and seems in tact but will put him on some blood thinners starting tomorrow when we go to visit his oncologist for a check in.

On the way to the imaging center, we made a little stop in to our newly renovated sanctuary!!  It is so incredibly beautiful and we are so proud to call it our temple!!  Here is a little picture from today and we hope you are all having a great night.

Keep the comments coming - we love reading them.  Frank, your stories are hilarious and you better bring Tim something good tomorrow to keep it quiet for admissions!!  Hilarious!!!


  1. Hi eddie and Lorin, I am thinking of you a lot. We so love our visits with you. Don was so excited to see you at the sanctuary today. We look forward to the next time together. My easy bake oven is on...any requests?
    Hugs and much love,

  2. Hi guys ...

    Eddie, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (Thursday) for lunch. I spoke to Ruben about leaving the side gate open so that I can wheel in the "special sauce" that just happens to come in a keg-shaped container ... hint, hint, hint ... into the back yard. The trick will be to keep our Alaskan friend away from this container and into the "guys cave" for a quick chat. But, for that, I'm bringing the special video to view. No, Lorin. It's not what you're thinking. It stars Glyn Milburn ... OK, let me rephrase that (or else we will have so many CS mothers joining us for lunch eager to watch Glyn's highlights). It stars Glyn Milburn ... in a FOOTBALL UNIFORM ... running away from eager high school tacklers. I think this video will bring our Alaskan friend into the Man's Cave just so he will be able to state how he could have tackled Mr. Milburn ... easily ... in his prime. We will then be privy to another one of our friend's legendary (infamous?) Alaskan high school stories that just makes us shake our heads and wonder how the guy pulls it off.

    As far as Frank's son goes ... documented in an earlier post ... do not worry. Code of Conduct can be taught. A two-year old with a 90-mph fast ball ... that's priceless.