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Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Butterflies

Edith Serpas started with us about 4 years ago as our children's nanny.  She quickly grew in to overall house manager and chef and caretaker for Eddie and me!  I call her my other brain, my eyes and my ears.  She is special, one in a million and Eddie simply adored her as one of us.

Today Edith told me that yesterday she went upstairs to Matthew's bathroom.  She looked down and saw something in the toilet bowl and went to flush it thinking it was a piece of dirt or something.  All of a sudden this black and white butterfly flew around trying to escape the toilet bowl and went and landed behind the toilet, as if it knew she needed to use the toilet and wanted to give her privacy.  Afterwards it came back from behind and sat on the toilet.  Edith said she spoke to it saying "mr Eddie, is that you?"  She said the buttterfly, in its wierd way, literally shook its head.  She spoke to him some more and then went about her work coming downstairs.  She decided to go back up and look a bit later and the butterfly was gone.  I was home all day yesterday except for an hour.  I never saw that butterfly.  I think he only wanted to talk to her.

Edith is from El Salvador and is a most beautiful spiritual person.  She told me that her mom said that when someone dies, they remain around us for 40 days.  I believe that too.

As Edith was telling me all of this, my friend Lara texted me that a butterfly just came up to she and her son.

He is with us.. so many of us...

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