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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Signs Still Came

This happened awhile ago but I see I never posted it.

I was in my grief group.  The group leaders asked us to go around the room and say something we would say to our spouse if they could hear us.  I said "I ask Eddie to please keep showing up to let me know he is around, that he is watching over us and seeing what we are doing.  It would give me great comfort."

The group ended shortly thereafter and I walked to my car.

On the way to my group that night I was listening to music through my iPhone on Rhapsody.  I was listening to a playlist I had recently made.  Songs from a TV show I liked.  I got in the car.  It often took a few seconds for the iPhone to connect to the radio in the car.  I waited as there was a song I wanted to play off that playlist.  Instead, a song started playing from the beginning.  It was not a song on the playlist whatsoever.  It was from my Iphone Itunes library which meant that somehow my phone went out of Rhapsody and into Itunes and selected this one specific song to play.... "Promised Land" by Bruce Springsteen.   The very song Eddie said was his "funeral song" and the song we played as his casket was taken out of the funeral.

I can't make these things up... they happened.  And I know for sure they are Eddie.

Hugs to all,

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