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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Everywhere you go… There you Are

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Eddie's original seizure and diagnosis.  The day my life forever changed, the future much more uncertain than it was the day I married Eddie just 2 1/2 years prior.  And 2 days ago marked 1 1/2 years since he died.

It is true what they say - people do move on and get back to their life and you are faced to deal with your new life.  But I am so much stronger for having had all these people carry me through the roughest time and I know that they will forever show up in those future times to help me celebrate life and face sorrows.  I even find that the "how are you's" don't affect me so awkwardly and am even able to say "good, happy," perhaps with the caveat of "I still miss him but...." 

Looking back at the first year, I don't even think I realized the depths of despair I faced each day not only in me but in my kids.  Looking at them now, I see sparkles in their eyes, happiness in their activities and with their friends and overall less stress in our home.  I am so grateful to Our House for that and the myriad of friends and other therapists who have helped us all. 

And finally, I find great comfort and strength in helping those that come after me in this difficult process.  I wish them fortitude in going through the grief that cannot be avoided and hope that they too will get to the other side and feel happiness, be able to smile, and be at peace with their new normal.

hugs to all,

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