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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Most of us take our birthdays for granted.  Each year we know they will come and perhaps we will do a dinner, have a party for the "bigger" ones, a lunch with friends and then the day passes.  They come, and they go.

But Eddie's came this past Sunday, July 27th, and there was no dinner with friends to plan, no surprise lunch, no present to buy, no cake to get and no candles to light.  There were no "Happy Birthday to you" to be sung.  No smiling kids faces celebrating their dad.  Worst of all, it would have been his 50th and I most certainly would have done something big for him.  We loved surprising each other on our birthdays.

We celebrated him in our own way by going to a baseball game in Texas with my family and it was the best way to honor the day I suppose.  HIs birthday will keep coming and going but never the same way as before when it really was a celebration of him.  Eddie loved his birthday and I know why - because it truly was a blessed day for those of us who knew him and loved him. 

Celebrate your birthdays... you mean something to at least one person just for being here.


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