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Monday, May 26, 2014


First Anniversary - May 25, 2014.  What to do.. what to do.  Nobody had any really great suggestions. It seemed odd to just let the day come and go without any reference of any sort.   We were in Texas so I just wasn't sure what to do to commemorate it as we had been married in LA.

 It would have been 11 years.  I am so grateful we had 10 and that we were able to celebrate it last year before Eddie really took a dive.  What a beautiful memory we created for me.  My wedding day was still the absolute best day of my life… I had waited so long.  I certainly never imagined that would only last 10 years.

SO what did I do?  Eddie had graciously agreed to learn a country and western song for our first dance.  It was Tim McGraw's Best Friend.  So appropriate as he was such my best friend.  So, to mark it in the most unusual way, I put my cowboy boots on and headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards, to Pearls Dance Hall and Saloon.  I found me a real cowboy sort and I danced and danced and danced.  I thought of Eddie and my dancing that first song "quick quick slow … slow… quick quick slow… slow" - counting the steps out to him, making sure we did the twirl just right, remembering everyone around the dance floor clapping and cheering us on.  The best day.  The very best.  I think Eddie would have loved to see me do that for us … dance and count the steps.

Hugs to all,

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  1. So sweet...I know you miss him so much..again he was so blessed to have had YOU for those 10 precious years...