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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Edith had another amazing butterfly moment 2 weeks ago when we were in Hawaii.  As she left our house, she said she said goodbye to Eddie as she always does.  Right then, the black and white butterfly flew out of the vase near our front door, flew around and then flew into the poster size picture I have still of the 4 of us in our entry way, landing on Eddie's face.  She kept talking to it and it flew around in the entry hall as if so happy to hear from her and then went into the other room at which point she didnt see it again.  One might not believe this story but then one might not believe mine either and I am telling you, it happened.

So being a little upset that "Eddie the butterfly" keeps showing up for Edith and not me, I decided to talk outside since that is where "he" had "shown up" for me before (see prior post).  I saw a moth in our fountain flower bed and I thought, "well, maybe now he is this moth."  I started talking to him and then thought "this is not right.  Eddie would not show up as a moth.  He is beauty and would be a beautiful butterfly as he was before."  I turned around to face the garden and our hydrangea bush which I have always loved and low and behold, down from the sky flutters the same enormous black with ivory stripes (not white as I thought before) but the exact same (rarely seen if ever) butterfly..and it landed directly across from me on the hydrangea bush.  I was really stuck and talked and talked to it for about 3 minutes.  I said outloud, "maybe I should go get dylan" and it flew off the bush and around and around in the garden.  I ran in to the front of the house, yelled for dylan to come outside and the butterfly was back on the hydrangea bush in the exact same spot as before.  It stayed there until we went inside a minute or two later.

I love this butterfly.  I will never know if it is actually Eddie or someone else sending me comfort though the butterfly but I can definitely tell you I love the thoughts.  They in themself bring comfort.  Although Dylan was a bit spooked at my suggestion and quickly returned to the house.

hugs to all of you

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