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Monday, July 29, 2013

In the beginning

Hi all. Sorry for the impersonal approach to this but I'm starting to be a bit overwhelmed by all your amazing emails and texts and thought this might be the best way to communicate and keep everyone in the loop. I will try to post but sometimes I might call on others to do for me.

Last week was a bit rough one with eddies motor skills deteriorating rather rapidly.  He had started a new medication on Saturday.  We had a fabulous two days at San yisidro ranch and were just adjusting since getting back.  Friday night after dinner Eddie had a bit of a seizure like episode and was rushed to the ER. They then admitted him early Saturday morning.  Tests have shown that he had some bleeding in the brain which caused the episode.  They also have seen that his blood platelets are low and this afternoon gave him a transfusion.

There is no update on when he will go home - step one is to get the platelets going and get out of bed and such.  He has foregone his treatment while in the hospital.  We will have to consider those options once he is a bit steadier again.

In the meantime, his spirits are fairly good.  I am holding my own certainly better when around him and the kids and saving my breakdowns for when I'm alone or with friends/family.  The kids are a bit messy.  Dylan mostly wants to stick close to home and visit when she is allowed.  Matthew is very physically needy but has gone on some playmates and camp.  They both leave next Sunday for 6 nights of camp at canyon creek which will be great for them!

We are welcoming visitors, I just ask that maybe you let nancy Isaacs know and she will help me coordinate meals, times, days so that Eddie doesn't get too tired.  She is reachable at or 310-367-7933.  I'm new to this blog thing but I think I can see comments and answer accordingly or nancy will check, go through all questions at once and respond to all.

I can't even begin to tell you how much all the love and support means to us.  It's truly overwhelming and such the true spirit of humanity.  You are all amazing and we love each and every one of you for it!!

Please forward this blog address to whomever...

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  1. dearest eddie, i just wrote a magnificent and highly intellectual message and then i lost it...i am not joking it was Pulitzer Prize material. my initial message was full of comments like, do not let the ADMIN at you know which school, know how high tech challenged i am and then ..poooof and my message to you is gone...probably made to walk the plank by some lousy mannered Brit pirate. well what was in this brilliant missive...i told you that you are never far from my thoughts and prayers. i told you that my brother who is walking the same path as you are only on the other side of the globe..aussieland, sends you his best wishes and i asked you very politely to tell Dylan that i have not missed one day of the "third earring" and won't all next year..she knows what that means and tell,please. Master Mathew "aaaaarrrgh" with a piratannical voice that the captain is longing to see him back on board!!
    all these typos are due to jet in "Jetlag for old ladies 101". please do not tell the ADMIN (you know who i am referring to )that i am struggling with these high tech skills. why jetlag...because i went back to my homeland (not Kansas!!) to lay my claim to the Brit throne but this wretched little baby got in before me. i did go to Buckingham Palace, by invitation no less, and dressed up in my finest...jeans and a Beatles T shirt ...was kinda fun. weather was bliss in the old country...pilgrims still lining the docks and hoping to hitch a lift on the Cunard Line to the land of hot dogs, hamburgers and Carlthorp School.
    my dearest friend..we love you and we are in true admiration of your courage at this difficult time....
    give my love to Lorin..she knows where to find me if she needs me...The KIng's always, Eddie.....the terrible T xxxx